Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore)
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The Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) or JGIS is the local chapter of the organisation founded by Dr Jane Goodall to empower people to make a difference for all living things.

We believe everyone can make a difference once they have the relevant knowledge and are inspired to take action. That’s why our goal is to nurture the next generation of 'Jane Goodalls’ by empowering and inspiring young people to take action for the environment, animals, and our community. Join our group or follow us on social media to stay updated on upcoming public events!

In Singapore, our work includes these programmes:
1. Roots & Shoots
Roots & Shoots is a global service learning programme. In Singapore, we target Secondary school students and examples of what we’ve done include outreach to park-goers about not feeding wild animals in the park, setting up a butterfly garden as a living classroom, and e-waste recycling.

2. Monkey Walks & Monkey Guards
To help eliminate conflict with the local long-tailed macaques, we hold fortnightly Monkey Walks to let the public learn more about the macaques. Our Monkey Guards programme works with residents near macaque troops to help keep them out of residential areas.

3. Species Action Plan for the Raffles Banded Langurs
We are part of a team that is helping to save the critically endangered Raffles Banded Langurs by leading a citizen science effort to study their population.

4. Public talks
We organise lectures when Dr Jane is in Singapore, and also participate in other events to let people learn more about Dr Jane, her philosophy, and why it’s important for each of us to make a difference.